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from the past.

MONBREY is a watch brand founded by two Hong Kong-based industrial designers, Henry Kwong and Austin Lee. They embarked on the watch industry pilgrimage for the past two decades. With their extensive watch design and development experience, they decided to implement their conceived idea and precipitate this project from their accumulated knowledge.


While they were hesitant about making another "new" vintage watch, they were caught by the angular aesthetic of Cybertruck. They noticed that the wedge theme could be traced to the '70s wedge era design. Taking inspiration from the past is not new, but the intriguing design similarity came across the past and the future. Angular aesthetics and devoid of curves characterized the Wedge Era in car design. Their minds ventured into a realm of possibilities, envisioning a fresh design dimension inspired by blending the ingenuity of the greatest past watchmakers with the wedge era design. A different design dimension constitutes by the same old past.


angular styling

The wedge-shaped case design is inspired by the ‘70s ‘80s wedge era car design and the Cyberpunk movement. The wedge era in car design was characterized by a distinctive angular aesthetic such as DMC DeLorean, Lamborghini Countach, Aston Martin Bulldog etc and we found the intriguing similarity of the Cybertrunk up to this day. We attempt to bring this interesting, blurred timeline design into MB1 - Inspired by the past but looking to the future.

The case has a distinctive finish. Linear brushed on the case side and lugs top surface, mirror polishing on the bezel and edging of the lugs. These variations enhance the profile sharpness and catch reflection beauty.



During the "50s, the adventure and exploration movement triggered the "tool watch era". A clutch of watches was made to withstand the detrimental effects of magnetism on a watch's calibre. This is achieved by enclosing the calibre in a faraday cage.


We desire to make this old technology which will incarnate into MB1. Our faraday cage delivers a high level of antimagnetic protection which resists exposure to a direct current magnetic field of 4800 A/m in ISO 764:2020 standard. The acceptance residual result is inferior to 30 s/d, but we have achieved a higher level as a result of 13 s/d.

MIN IMG_1697_edited.jpg


We believe the dial design is directly related to its functionality instead of a carnival of ornamentation. It should not be complicated for complication's sake. The readability of the time at a glance is the key in most conditions. Yet, we deem to create a dial has the capability of communicating the effort that it is restrained but not boring.


In MB1, all watch hands and indexes are multi-faceted, carrying an abundance of thickness. The multi-faceted edges to the hands and indexes are in equal measure with the case in perfect harmony. It is designed to reflect light and sharpness. The angular styling is inspired by the wedge-era car design.

Movement IMG_1269_edited.jpg

miyota 9039

The MB1 is driven by a Miyota Calibre 9039. Miyota has founded in the town of Miyota, Nagano Prefecture, Japan in 1918, and is still one of the world’s largest suppliers of watch calibre.


This calibre is member of Miyota's premium Automatic series. A made-in-Japan high-frequency and shock-resistant calibre that allows for smooth spinning with great accuracy. It offers an accuracy of -10 to +30 seconds per day.


Featuring 24 jewels, it beats at 28,8000 BPH, hacking second, and a power reserve of 42+ hours. With its slim dimensions and long preserved running time, the performance and decent thickness give enormous advantages.

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